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So you're thinking of buying a sprinkler system?

Sprinkler systems are an excellent investment. They truly create alot of leisure time, increase the value of your home and provide even coverage all over your landscape.

A sprinkler system is also expensive. I would like for you to look at these following questions, standard chain of events and risks all in which you should be cautiously considering when you are selecting a contractor.

First you will meet the salesman.

  • Does he know how to properly design a system?
  • How much experience does he have?
  • Does he know how to put in a system?
  • Is his design going to be head to head coverage?

Anyone can through a head here and there and call it a "design". The quality of the design will be aparant when it is finished. In most cases be aware of a substantially low estimate compared to your other quotes.

Elite Sprinkler Systems has 12 years experience designing systems.

Who will do the plumbing?

Nobody should do any plumbing in your home but a licensed plumber. Some irrigation contractors will do it themselves but be advised that if they are not licensed plumbers, you could have insurance problems if something goes wrong.

Elite has a licensed plumber to do all our plumbing work.

How qualified is the crew?

The salesman told you they do a "great job". To whose standards?
We "all" do a great job.

  • Is the system going to be slapped together like a taco at the drivethru or carefully installed with due respect for your property.
  • Will the gardens be completely restored as promised?
  • Will there be extra bricks left over when they reinstall your brick walkway?
  • Are all of the heads level, straight and earth properly packed around them?
  • Did the operator installing the pipe survey the property for possible hazzards and obstacles or did he go at your lawn like Mario Andretti on his time trial?
  • Are they going to install "risers" towering out of your flowerbeds or use 12" retractable sprinklers that hide nicely when not in use?
  • Is the crew experienced and happy with their job, their pay and who they work for?

If not, this could result in a very poor quality installation.
There seems to be a trend in hiring non experienced, sometimes not interested and non committed staff. Experienced help is hard to find.

Elite Sprinkler Systems are installed to be user and service friendly. We build servicable valve manifolds and use appropriate boxes. Our controllers go in the garage, not at the top of a closet or cluttered in beside your service panel.

What about service?

I have recently worked next door to a competitor's service technician. It would appear his start up consisted of turning on the water and the controller, then back to his truck for a cigarette and his coffee.
That customer is wasting his money.

  • Does the service technician know how to properly winterize?
  • Does he know how to service all of the different types of sprinklers and carry the required parts to fix them or does he just replace a perfectly good sprinkler with something he knows how to service, and give you a bill for it?
  • Is he happy with his job, his pay and who he works for?
  • How much experience does he have?

These things could affect the quality of your service.
A sprinkler system is a substantially expensive investment. Don't waste your money on a system that isn't going to work or cover properly. Compare designs and estimates. Ultimately, you are going to get what you pay for and the cheaper quote is usually not the "best deal!".

Elite Sprinkler Systems does not "match" our competitors' prices and we do not want to install a cheaper system for you. We do not hire unqualified or poorly paid staff. we only install our systems as the best for your money with professionalism and quality. No gimmicks, great deals and promises we can keep!

Any contractor will tell you they design a great system. I will never tell you that I know everything about irrigation, however I will tell you that I constantly update my skills through education and training in order to accommodate the constant changes in irrigation products, development technology and trends. I also carry onboard design manuals and troubleshooting guides to assure efficiency and thouroughness.

Your Elite Sprinkler System includes:

  • Permit
  • Backflow Preventor
  • Certified test
  • Fully remote control
  • Detailed blue print
  • Quality Workmanship
  • Licensed plumbing
  • 12" retractable sprayheads in garden
  • Written, signed warranty with no strings attached or surprises